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        Xi jinping visit zhoushan emphasizes the oil reserves make up in our country

        date:2015-05-26 10:55:38 hits:4458

        25, according to xinhua news agency xinhua viewpoint weibo at noon, xi jinping, general secretary of the zhejiang zhoushan investigation research.
        Xi jinping visit openmindedness mountain national strategic oil reserve base, to present engineering technical and management personnel, is of great significance to the national strategic oil reserves.Zhoushan reserve base has been built, foreground is very good.To play advantage, continue to development and construction, for national petroleum reserve.
        On the same day, xi jinping came to built long macro international shipping co., LTD., on 30 ton dock platform, examined the shipbuilding operation, know the circumstances of the production and technological innovation of the enterprise.He said, pointing to the huge gantry crane, crane really badly, with a catch up.He encourages enterprises to seize the opportunity in the international competition, strengthen confidence, striving forward.
        Zhoushan is China's first with islands, the organizational system of the consists of 1390 islands, has "fishing harbour city" reputation.In June 2011, the state council approved to set up zhejiang zhoushan islands new district, is the first national district on the subject of Marine economy.Zhoushan in China's north and south coastal area and the Yangtze river shipping channel, is jianghai transport hub, is also China's in-depth / 1.17% funding research to cycle around the Pacific economic circle frontier region.
        Rizhao city shun cheong Marine service co., LTD., telephone: 0633-2278917 mobile: 13963032071 Contact: manager wang < br > address: rizhao yellow sea along the east wanan road 68 Branch of guangxi fangcheng port chunhui international shipping co., LTD., telephone: 0770-2891345, email: chunhui@impaship.com