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        Modern lakes which won 10 VLCC combined order

        date:2015-05-26 10:54:23 hits:4467

        It is reported, on May 21, 2015, Saudi Arab shipping company (Bahri) and modern sanhu heavy industry to reach an agreement, order order 5 + 5 VLCC combined.Among them, the first five new ship is expected to be delivered in 2017.
        Bahri Abdulrahman Al - Omar Ibrahim's chief executive, said the agreement in accordance with Bahri updated fleet expansion plans, Bahri hope through update fleet expansion plans to meet the needs of the local market and international market.
        Bahri, according to the new order of VLCC combined specification design using the latest international technology, meet the requirements of environmental protection and energy saving.Al - Omar, points out that this order will ensure Bahri remain competitive in the shipping market, help Bahri expand the customer base and provide reliable and efficient service.
        Bahri, according to international shipping network which has been with South Korea ssangyong Oil company (S - Oil), a 10-year crude Oil transportation agreement, the transportation of crude Oil from the third quarter of this year for the latter.According to the agreement, Bahri will provide VLCC combined transportation service for ssangyong oil, sending goods of crude oil from the Persian gulf and the red sea to South Korea aung SAN suu kyi.Bahri said, by this agreement, the company expects to get at least 250 million reais ($66 million) per year.The transport protocol will allow both sides to strengthen cooperation.
        Rizhao city shun cheong Marine service co., LTD., telephone: 0633-2278917 mobile: 13963032071 Contact: manager wang < br > address: rizhao yellow sea along the east wanan road 68 Branch of guangxi fangcheng port chunhui international shipping co., LTD., telephone: 0770-2891345, email: chunhui@impaship.com