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        Dalian port "mix ore business" into a growth point

        date:2015-05-28 11:08:38 hits:4491

        Morning of May 21, by vale of Brazil to China's 524000 tonnes of iron ore mix ore homework completed in dalian, of which 186000 tons of mixed minerals have been sold to the northeast hinterland and mills in the Yangtze river basin.Single mixed ore 44000 tons, day and night in mixed ore 61000 tons, two assignments also refreshed the national record.The reporter understands, this is 524000 tons of ore mixed work vale port first ticket business in China this year.Relying on first-class infrastructure and mature experience mixed ore, the dalian port group in the mixed ore of the bohai economic rim and northeast Asia business advantage, the business is for the port transformation, pull the new bright spot of economic growth.
        Dalian port to create "Asia standard mine"
        Vale is the world's largest iron ore suppliers.Due to the higher percentage of iron ore grade is put in bigger difference, the Chinese enterprise needs vary, vale to southern Brazil north of the high grade low silicon iron ore with low grade high silicon iron ore mixed.Brazil's northern port 3000 km, however, due to the mining conditions and high transport costs, vale choose to set up in Chinese ports (bonded) mixed mineral base, the two grade ore mixed directly shipped to China.
        As strategic partners of vale, dalian port group has successfully in 2012 took the vale of the bonded mixed ore 500000 tons of business, which will be port vale in China for the first ticket bonded mixed ore business. 
        That year in March, according to vale ore mixed solution and the related technical standard, the dalian port ore terminal successfully carry out the national coastal port's first 84000 tons of bonded mixed ore iron ore business.Vale, specially the mixed minerals named "Asia (dalian) standard mine".

        Ore terminal and a number of domestic first
        In March 2015, in the early masterminded and multilateral efforts to fight again to dalian port group vale 524000 tons of "Asia (dalian) standard ore" Chinese ports to mix ore business.
        Dalian port ore terminal group is now the most advanced domestic equipment, the highest degree of automation, the most strict management, the best ore terminal operation level.2011, it successfully discharged vale 40 ton super-large ore ship, not only ushered in China's coastal port super-large ore discharge is the first ship to 40 ton VLOC ships normal berthing at Chinese ports and discharged more super-large ore ship has accumulated valuable experience, at the same time, also in 55 hours discharged 349000 tons of iron ore, created the world record of the same kind of ship the discharge efficiency.
        At present, the hand holds a number of domestic ore terminal company first: is the domestic first built putting-in-service proactively 30 ton ore berth, the first approved by the ministry of transport of 350000 tons of iron ore berth, the current domestic only has the function of bonded mixed ore qualification in the yard.All four yard storage area of 540000 square meters, can be a one-time stockpiling 8.22 million tons of ore.Behind the planning of reserve storage area of 1 million square meters, storage capacity of more than 10 million tons.
        Ore of dalian port ore terminal group for the first time this year to mix work officially launched on April 8, April 10, to complete the first batch of 100000 tons of CVRD ore import iron ore to mix work and create a single class of 37200 tons, 57100 tons of day and night to mix the two national ports such as mine (bonded) ore yard mixed work record.The second batch of 100000 tons of ore mixed work process of the first attempt to "seal" new technology of mixed ore, only 38 hours.
        As of May 21, 524000 tons of ore mixed work smoothly.By dalian port ore terminal mixed mixed minerals, not only can fully satisfy mine, traders at home and abroad to carry out the spot iron ore port trade, sales and delivery requirements, also can meet the customers at home and abroad transit by sea, train, car and so on different dredging port requirements.
        Bohai sea mixed ore of brewing construction
        Industry thinks, mixed ore business not only reduce the mixed ore cost of vale, realized the "foreign mines" forward to China port.Within the bonded storage area in the rear of the dalian port ore terminal to develop iron ore mixed, have contributed to the bohai sea and northeast Asia imports of iron ore resources optimal allocation and layout, effectively lower the purchase cost, Chinese steel mills to consolidate and strengthen the iron ore trade negotiation ability, further enhance the level of supply chain management. 
        At present, the domestic first iron ore futures bonded warehouses qualification has won the general administration of customs approval and settled in dalian.Construction of dalian northeast Asia iron ore logistics center has been on the agenda.Based on a good location advantage and a perfect transportation system, the dalian port group of mixed minerals is expected to be geared to the needs of the northeast region, bohai region, jiaodong peninsula, along the Yangtze region and northeast Asia such as Japan and South Korea sales and transportation, for port transformation and upgrading, the regional economic growth of a new bright spot.
        Rizhao city shun cheong Marine service co., LTD., telephone: 0633-2278917 mobile: 13963032071 Contact: manager wang < br > address: rizhao yellow sea along the east wanan road 68 Branch of guangxi fangcheng port chunhui international shipping co., LTD., telephone: 0770-2891345, email: chunhui@impaship.com